What is Precision Autonomics? 


We use patented and proprietary non-invasive technologies to read the hidden language of the nervous system, and translate it into measurements of functional real-world constructs such as attention, emotional state, mental effort, engagement, and stress. This isn't just biometrics—our methods functionally peel away the skin to see how our bodies, brains, and nervous systems dynamically respond to real-world experiences. Our techniques are non-invasive, feature no bulky sensors, can be overlaid on top of existing study designs, and are scientifically validated through 40 years of research. 


SAMPLE Applications

market research & AD TESTING

Our unique biometric and autonomic readings can be easily overlaid onto existing market research studies, allowing you to see how real people respond to real content, products, brands, or messages.  

Medical & Therapeutic

Our medical-grade systems have the unique ability to non-invasively capture a wide-range of biometric and autonomic data. This is ideal for sensitive populations and for those craving a simpler setup. 

Technology & PRoduct Development

We can show you how to integrate accurate biometric and autonomic readings into your wearable, medical, athletic, or research-oriented products using low-cost and non-invasive sensors. 

Emotional analytics

Understand more about the content people are drawn to and how it makes them feel at specific moments or overall. Useful for testing just about any type of video, ad, or digital content.


Our biometric and autonomic capture systems can offer valuable insights into a wide-range of scientific research applications.



Our  patented non-contact biometric and autonomic technologies can be used to accurately assess security anomalies and threats.