Less-invasive monitoring. Better data.
Real applications.


voice analysis

Our proven, proprietary method allows us to extract affective state and autonomic responses from a simple voice recording—or even the audio track of a video. This is completely non-invasive can even be done after the fact with existing audio or video recordings.


Non-invasive biometricS & AutonomicS 

We have the unique ability to extract a wide range of biometric and autonomic signals without relying on multiple complex sensors. Using a single low-cost, non-invasive sensor, we can derive heart-rate, heart-rate variability, respiration rate, and an index of sympathetic arousal. We even have a research-validated model to measure the degree to which somebody was persuaded by a message or piece of media. But it's not just what data we can collect, it's how we use the data in order to create best-in-world models to monitor affective and cognitive state.

emotional analysis

Our proprietary, research-backed algorithms allow us to use our non-invasive biometric and autonomic sensors to monitor a wide-range of affective and autonomic states. The states we can quantify include calmness/relaxation/meditativeness, active engagement/interest, mental effort/sustained attention, enjoyment and enthusiasm, excitement and mobilization, stress, negative sentiment, and intimacy. 

Our multi-axis model takes into account how the neural pathways from our brain regulate autonomic and affective states, and does not assume that a single biometric measurement can provide sufficiently accurate or precise information; but rather combines multiple biometric and autonomic signals into research-validated algorithms to monitor the dynamic regulation of our nervous system as is reflective via various affective and autonomic states.